Time Management Strategies: Covey Quadrants


Stephen Covey came up with this quadrant in order to demonstrate a way in which to prioritize time.  According to Covey quadrant two is where an individual who manages their time accordingly will be.  This quadrant is labeled as important, but not urgent.  In this quadrant an individuals most productive actions occur.  Although it is impossible to always be in this quadrant, I will work very hard to to keep myself in this quadrant during my level II fieldwork placements.  If at any given point I am feeling overwhelmed I can return to these quadrants to sort out my priorities.  Although I know that I cannot always be in the second quadrant I hope to never be in quadrant I during fieldwork.  I do not like to procrastinate, and I think this will benefit me when managing my time.  I will make sure not to leave anything until last minute so I don’t have to feel that I am in a “crises” mode.  I will keep up with my work outside of my work day.  I will do this by looking up things I do not know, as well as looking up new and ongoing research for intervention.  I will plan my fieldwork projects accordingly and complete them in a timely fashion.  If I keep all of my important work in the quadrant of most productivity I will be most successful.  Managing my time and maintaining my health will allow me to keep a balance in my daily lifestyle.

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